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Siemens SXG75 - phone repair (Expert)

PostPosted: July 24th, 2011, 2:52 am
by ilham
Mungkin software2nya sudah tidak update, silahkan cari yang update (belum sempat cariin :D ), ambil tutornya saja.
Di thread ini sepertinya diperuntukkan SXG75 yang masih bisa tampil "download mode" alias bootcore untuk service mode masih bagus.

Here's published guidance on repair SXG75
! Before you begin the repair process carefully read this!

For starters, the procedure is created with thumbnails.

For other experts, and process files:
How to repair your phone (postup.txt) size 4 KByte
Contents of the SXG75 root (root.rar) system files size 3.2 MByte
Contents of the SXG75 brew\mod (brew.rar) only important files size 6.4 MByte
Complete backup EFS SL91 size 17 MByte (Jirkab)
Spoiler untuk repair your phone (postup.txt):
Spoiler: show
Description of condition:
Phone goes on, but remains only the Siemens logo and still restarts.
Most often this happens after playing FW. Only authorized Reacts to-play in the Download FW Mod.

Repair procedure:
1. Expand files used for the restoration. The description on the internet address.
2. Bring faulty phone in Factory Test Mode. Then the functional communication at Siemens Diagnostics Interface.
The download is a utility that can help these states use preset phone (not tested)
Another possibility is to run RF_NV_Manager.exe
---2.1 Turn off the phone and connect cable to PC
---2.2 Run the program and set the port. In the menu Setting -> Commport.
---2.3 Click on the first phone icon from the left (the arrow out). Tim NVItem load the phone
---2.4 Click on the item NV_FTM_MODE 453. In the right section Please retype the number 0 to 1 and click Write to NV
---2.5 Disconnect phone from cable and turn on the phone. booted into FTM mode

A program managed NV_EFS_Restore.exe
---2.1 IMEI.brt Copy file to C: \ Program Files \ Siemens \ 3GSwupFU \.
---2.2 The filename write your IMEI (you can find on the label under the battery completely last line)
pattern file names 357250000123456.brt
---2.3 Switch the phone in download mode (must be disconnected from the cable hold # and red button)
If everything succeeded diplay will show logo SIEMENS.
---2.4 Start NV_EFS_Restore. Set the correct port and click on Restore.
PCs must find a phone and make preparations for the changeover in Factory Test Mode
---2.5 After rebooting the phone alone probably will in Factory Test Mode
---2.6 Wait until the phone to start recording a deposit to your phone
---2.7 If the specified reports an error IMEI are two possibilities. Did you renamed the wrong file or *. brt
phone was not recognized. Nothing happens and you can safely ignore the sound.

If you NV_EFS_Restore.exe unsuccessfully restored NVItem
!!!!!!!!!! MUST phone to stay in Factory Test Mode !!!!!!!!!!
---2.8 NV_EFS_Restore.exe you finish

3. Restore files from backup to the phone (QPST, BitPim or Controller).
---3.1 Turn off phone and connect the cable
---3.2 Download the file from root.rar pages to disk and extract
---3.3 Before you start recording read the instructions below !!!!!! Upload files, point 1 in the file list
---3.4 Reboot the phone (BitPit)

4. HORREE FUNCTIONAL PHONE AGAIN unfortunately only partially :-(
5. If you do not recorded in the phone FW 26
Switch your phone to download mode (must be disconnected from the cable hold # and red button)
Start update FW26 and start recording.
When 65% of the phone restarts. Let him swell up and not do anything !!!!!
During loading of moments he pulls away. After completing 98% by next reboot, and we have FW26.
6. Help QPST Software Download NV restore Item
---6.1 Restore bookmarks file and found sxg75.qcn (download on www), point 2 in the file list
---6.2 Allow check phone / ESN Restore and click on Start - This has been achieved from the second time so do not panic
---6.3 In this managed definitely know :-)
7. Run c: \ Program Files \ Siemens \ 3GSwupFU \ startup.exe
---7.1 check only customization
---7.2 Click on Update

9. Who wants to play straight graphics files in the directory BREW point 3 in the list file
---9.1 Turn off phone and connect the cable
---9.2 play files and turn on your phone

List of files in the backup
All the necessary files for download on

1. File root.rar
Files in ROOT, BREW \ BREW and CFG \ SHARED directory are not necessarily rush to the phone. These files must be copied to the phone.
!!!!!!!!!! Overwrite all files !!!!!!!!!!!
Other files that matev phone delete them. They are important and will not affect anything tim

2. SXG75.qcn EF81.qcn or QPST to backup NVItem

3. File brew.rar
Files in BREW \ Mod directory and others are graphic utilities and programs (MDB graphics, text corrections Jirkab menu)
Do not overwrite files that skip

NVItem SG75 (sg75.qcn) size 560 KBytes
NVItem SXG75 (sxg75.qcn) size 500 KBytes
NVItem EF81 (ef81.qcn) size 460 KBytes
NVItem SL91 (sl91.qcn) size 490 KBytes
Backup imei.brt for SXG75 phone size 103 KBytes

drivers phones:
USB drivers for SG75 v. - 35 KBytes
USB drivers for SXG75, EF81 v. - 100 KBytes
USB drivers for SXG75, EF81, SL91 v. - 380 KBytes
USB Driver v. for EF91 - 85 KBytes

Instructions for updating FW26:
Switch your phone to download mode (must be disconnected from the cable and hold the red button # approx. 5 sec)
Start the original FW26, then start recording, click Start.
Around 65% of the phone restarts. Let him swell up and DO NOTHING !!!!!
Within moments, the record gets going on. After completion of 98% and the next restart we FW26.

Utility for switching phone modes size 190KBytes

Re: Siemens SXG75 - phone repair (Expert)

PostPosted: July 24th, 2011, 6:21 am
by Budi_XP
Tuh kan namanya juga expert tahu-tahu sudah ada repair SXG75 thanks Mas telah dikabulkan Penghargaan setinggi-tinggi nya buat yang nulis post ini :)
Setelah dia baca pasti deh dia akan minta Mas Ilham bantu ritual nya :P Siap begadang Mas Ilham =)) =)) =)) =))

Re: Siemens SXG75 - phone repair (Expert)

PostPosted: July 24th, 2011, 7:04 pm
by ilham
cuma kopas aja kok ;)