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My SL75xp: Beyond the Limit!

PostPosted: May 2nd, 2011, 11:44 pm
by ilham
POST asli oleh Om Qunto ; Makasih buat PINTURICCHIO buat backupannya ;)

Seperti biasa, bagi yg mo nyoba dipersilahkan utk reporting any bug found in this compilations.... B-)
SL75xp: Beyond the Limit! @ SL75 Variant 100 (FW/FFS/MAP = v52/v39/v39)
Compiled by: Qunto for - March 2009

@ Thanks to mas Benji utk kompilasi XPeria-nya dan mas Finalidea utk themes-nya. ;)


------------------- Main Patches -----------------
01. Function Library 071225
02. Elf-loader v2.3
03. Master-patch v14
04. Cut heap
05. API 070821
06. Pictures add-on v5

------------------ Independent Patches -----------------
07. Speedup of mobile till 208 MHz
08. Black List
09. Change password (5461) in disk menu
10. Disable Aircraft Check
11. Disable ASP (Acoustic Shock Protection) v1.2
12. Disable message "Keypad lock/unlock"
13. Disable message "Please wait"
14. Disable Strict Java Checks Forever
15. Disable UDIAL Logging
16. Disable UNK Logging
17. Disable USSD sound\vibration
18. Don't draw canvas in left bottom corner
19. DSFS Directly Send Flash SMS v1.1
20. Higher MMI Prio
21. Invert digiclock ScreenSaver
22. Java Acceleration
23. Java Network Timeout Change JNTO
24. Keypad Acceleration
25. Longpress Acceleration
26. Mainscreen Accelerator
27. Normal animation in sound recorder
28. Photos with maximal quality
29. PIML (Patch Idle Memory Leak)
30. Remove Comma in AddressBook
31. Remove Softkeys from Mainscreen v2
32. Rename files with extensions
33. Run Refresher On Exit From Master-Midlet
34. Send Java and Any Files via Bluetooth
35. Smooth keypad light
36. Smooth Scrolling Of Long Names
37. Setup illumination by 5%
38. Disable NetAnimation or OwnGreeting
39. MainScreen positioning v3
40. AutoRedial forever with selected pause
41. Speed up USSD
42. Disable popup "New message received"
43. Large viewfinder
44. Show_TO_and_etc_on_create_messages
45. Delete USSD without question
46. Reallocate Licenses folder to Config disk
47. Disable Date and Time on Mainscreen
48. Speed up scrolling in SMS
49. Disable "Wait" in OBEX v2
50. Change Baseline info: "m75i14#main_1.0_V79.28.4 ->
51. Change Initialisation file info: "ua-retail_002_SL75 -> Beyond the Limit!"
52. Change FW version: "52 -> XP"
53. Disable playing music while changing volume
54. Change Info at About phone *#06#' (Short Info: yg tampil berkaitan dgn file ccq_chk.log dan ccq_vinfo.txt di Drive Config.

------------------ MP-Patches -----------------
01. Popup killer v1 - AB14
02. Vibra at connect v1 - AB08
03. Mainscreen dispatcher v3

Change Language Pack (Langpack_ENG.bin):
00. Language: English
01. Tahoma Font
02. Please wait -> Sabar Boss!
03. Product: -> Mobile:
04. FFS Version: -> Short info:
05. Baseline: -> Website:
06. Initialisation file: -> Patched Version:


ELF on Daemon:
- ExtD.elf: Mengasosiasikan extensi file dgn icon/program pembuka yg sesuai.
- ExtraInfo26.elf: Menampilkan bbrp informasi tambahan di mainscreen.
- FastRun2.elf: Menampilkan icon bar di mainscreen utk akses ke funsi tertentu scr cepat ala Quick Launch di Windows.
- TurnOff_d.elf: Menampilkan animasi shutdown ala Windows.
- TalkAkkum.elf: Menyebutkan level battre saat di charging atau pd kondisi battre di bawah 60% pd kelipatan 10 (kecuali 5% dan 0%).
- Xtask3.elf: Task manager utk menjadikan Hp lbh multitasking (mudah berpindah dr 1 task ke yg lain ato mematikan proses yg sedang jalan dgn cepat)

- Utk enable FastRun2: Longpress UP Joystik (utk Disable: Shortpress UP Joystik)

Cara apply "LangPack_Eng.bin":
1. Buka VKlay dan konekkan dgn HP
2. Lalu pada tab flasher, klik Open file... (browse dan pilih file tsb).
3. Lakukan setting manual pada Memory of the phone:
From address: 0x01640000 dan Size: 0x00360000
4. Lalu klik Write Memory.
5. Tunggu sampai selesai..

- All patches & Supporting files: SL75xp_v52-39-39-XPeria-Beyond_The_Limit ~ 3.23 MB

Have FUN!

Re: My SL75xp: Beyond the Limit!

PostPosted: May 25th, 2011, 11:21 pm
by Budi_XP
Bisa di load di S75 kah?

Re: My SL75xp: Beyond the Limit!

PostPosted: May 26th, 2011, 1:31 am
by ilham
Tidak bisa gan, belum nemu patch crossgrade-nya, bisa minta cendolnya gan? B-)
*duh,abis,liat,kaskus,kok,nulisnya,jadi,gini* :-S :-S :-S

Re: My SL75xp: Beyond the Limit!

PostPosted: May 26th, 2011, 7:23 am
by Budi_XP
ilham wrote:Tidak bisa gan, belum nemu patch crossgrade-nya, bisa minta cendolnya gan? B-)
*duh,abis,liat,kaskus,kok,nulisnya,jadi,gini* :-S :-S :-S

Gali sumur gan entar di sumur ada air, diair ada Cendol segentong =D> :roll: :welcome: :roll: