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M65@CX70 FW56 - Sylverin

PostPosted: November 18th, 2010, 11:35 am
by andRa4
This PatchPack is the result of a compilation of some of the existing patches.
Many thanks to SXPI members who have provided materials.

For M65/CX65 user who want to apply this PatchPack, please convert first your M65/CX65 to Cx70 FW56.
Instructions, can be seen in the thread Tutorial: Cara merubah tipe Product HP & Crossgrade

For the first time you want to apply this PatchPack, try to apply ONLY "Main Patches" (01 'til 10). Then try Turn the phone.
- If your phone does not want to be turned on, then "Undo Patch" all the patches before, because it means the phone needs to UPGRADE BOOTCORE. Instructions, can be seen in the thread Tutorial: Update Bootcore dgn PapuaUtils
- If your phone can be turned on, just apply another patch.

------------------- Main Patches -----------------
01. API v14
02. AudioHook v3
03. Function Library v70418
04. Big Function Library v71117
05. WAV ADPCM All Freq.
06. Mainscreen Dispather v3.1
07. Elf Loader v2.3
08. Master Patch v14
09. Cut Heap
10. Pictures add-on v5.1

------------------ Independent Patches -----------------
11. Open closed EEPROM Block
12. Open Disk Forever
13. Java Acceleration
14. Show File Extension in card Explorer
15. Disable some messages
16. Remove Softkey from mainscreen v2
17. No start sound in Video rec
18. Disable Aircraft Check
19. Change disk names in menu
20. Change delimiter in menu
21. AutoRedial forever with selected pause
22. Video rec 1 min
23. Setup illumination by 5%
24. Smooth scrolling of long names
25. Smooth illumination turn-on
26. Compress jpeg with maximum quality (100% instead of 75%)
27. Keypad Acceleration
28. Enable Developer Menu
29. Call list saving when SIM is changed
30. Enable Band Selection
31. Enable Built-In WV Client (ICQ AIM)
32. Goto mainmenu from anywhere by pressing ###
33. Re-enables "Hide ID for next call"
34. Show current time during call v1.1
35. SVS, SMS view shortcut
36. Disable MMI logging
37. Disk selection menu © SiNgle
38. Toggle HandsFree without question
39. Delete Read-Only Files from Card-Explore
40. Disable AUMA And UDIAL Debug
41. RMWKL Read Message when Key Locked
42. DSFS Directly Send Flash SMS V1.1
43. Change some *#06@ info
44. Turn phone ON while offline charging v1.0
45. Mark Files by Left SoftKey in Card-Explorer
46. No SIM Card Phone Operation
47. Add Elf-Folder to the MyStuff
48. Remove the comma between name and surname in address book
49. Disable ringtone "Net found" (3beep)
50. Enable Vibra With Plugged-In Cable
51. Turn on by Alarm clock
52. Disable Retarget Exit
53. Show Hidden Files In Card-Explorer By Default © 1nvisible
54. Change dialing ringtone "No connection" © B-727
55. Disable More Nasty Debug © benj9
56. Change sw version to XX
57. Disable ASP
58. Disable displaying "netsearch" [!]
59. Vibra on/off when keypad locked/unlocked
60. Start elf on a shortcut
61. MyStuff = Disk Menu
62. Allow KeyBoard Unlock by Double-Press of #
63. Disable Frame Around GPRS Icon in Java
64. Receive Calls Only by Pressing Green Button
65. Remove "Help" Item From Card-Explorer
66. To Make Foto With Any Digital Key

------------------ MP-Patches -----------------
01. Date at the bottom of maincsreen as "We, 11 May"
02. Mainscreen Changer v1.3
03. Music Progress Bar Changer
04. Change Illumination Turn Off Time
05. Keylock Beep
06. Short Vibra at connect
07. Drop Call On Certain Time
08. BlackList v3 beta
09. Missed Events Indicator v2.1 CX70 Ed.
10. Extra Info on ProgressBars

------------------ DIS-Patches -----------------
01. Big digital clock with color change v2.0
02. Large Advanced Network Indicator v4 (LANI)

Change Language Pack:
01. Font NESTO

All patches & Supporting files: M65@CX70 FW56 - Sylverin

This is an experimental project, if there is a bug please report it to me at this thread. Let me fix it. Thanks before,. :x

Re: M65@CX70 FW56 - Sylverin

PostPosted: November 18th, 2010, 11:42 am
by ilham
Ayo ayo dipilih...
MX70 banyak pilihannya nih..
Kapan-kapan buat terobosan baru yah Ndra, seperti... bagaimana cara modif elf gitu :D

Re: M65@CX70 FW56 - Sylverin

PostPosted: November 18th, 2010, 11:56 am
by andRa4
OK, Siap ndan-!! B-)

Re: M65@CX70 FW56 - Sylverin

PostPosted: November 19th, 2010, 12:38 am
by mamed_3279
wew.. :D =D>

Re: M65@CX70 FW56 - Sylverin

PostPosted: November 19th, 2010, 6:31 am
by andRa4
mamed=nape lu-??

Re: M65@CX70 FW56 - Sylverin

PostPosted: November 19th, 2010, 6:49 am
by mamed_3279
^^ga apa2 :D
pokoke keren dah =D>

Re: M65@CX70 FW56 - Sylverin

PostPosted: November 19th, 2010, 7:04 am
by andRa4
ok, thanx.
ntar ambil permen ndiri d-toko sbelah yahh,. :)

Re: M65@CX70 FW56 - Sylverin

PostPosted: November 22nd, 2010, 1:10 am
by Hendz
Heheeeee bosen ma MX70 truz diksh ma 4ndr4 dari madFISH "FALLEN ANGEL" yg gmbrna klo ga salah liat = SALMA HAYEK pacarna Antonio Bandarberaz :)) wat FW50.
Thankz yap :D (mbil mencet button "ThankYou") ...................... [[ THANK YOU ]]

Yiah jd inget dulu diksh jg ma mazTUFF tp ga smpet dnload gr² hotspot eror :(